The “Wing ceremony”!!

After about 4 /5 months of selection procedure, passing the first level of  “ Group Discussion” , 2nd level of “Written exam” and 3rd and the most important level of “Personal Interview and  medical” , I was all set to go for the 8weeks  of rigorous training in the chilling cold of December of “Delhi”.The batch of 26 young , smart and beautiful “Air hostess”from all over the India , from the small town of Culturally rich “Bihar”to the naturally rich beauty of “Mizoram”,from the city of Enchanting  eyes “Kolkata”to the city of Bold  and beautiful girls  of “Punjab/ Delhi”.We had a good blend of every culture which made the group more challenging and presentable!

A small town girl in Delhi!!

Digesting the fact of “Me” being trained to be an Flight Attendent and staying alone with other girls  in a PG  in our capital city “Delhi” was not an easy pill for my traditional but not “ An Orthodox family ”!!Everyone was concerned for every possible after effects of this!!

So all these thoughts inspired my mom-dad and me to stay with my Aunt’s family ,( my Aunt was also one of the very excited persons for me being an “Air-hostess”,in spite of the fact that she gets excited about every other thing, but this was indeed special ).Aunt s family used to live near “ Khan Market” and my training center was at “The Domestic office at the Airport “… the distance was as good as 13 km., and in that chilling winters of delhi in the month of December , the commute time was as good as 35/45 mins which was a daily expense of 100/ 150rs , depending upon the kindness of the auto driver and the thickness of the fog .Though it was not so good for my pocket but throughout the training period , I never gathered the courage of getting onto those crowded bus of Delhi,and sitting or standing with all the strange eyes looking on to me ( and I never could discovered for what are they staring ) .And waiting for auto and getting one  in those freezing mornings was not less than seeing a beam of a Sunray. ☀️


The reporing time was at 10 am and I used to be mostly late.We had to wear saree everyday for the class for getting used to it (as it was going to be our inflight uniform) .It was the best opportunity for me to choose the best and my favorite sarees from my Mother and Aunty s wardrobe ,the feeling of owning those beautiful chiffon beauties was in itself a satisfying feeling .😁Each day of the training was special in its own way, Meeting some senior cabin crew members, dealing with the 2/3 hours of teachnical  classes , the VLCC tours which gave us all the details of skin care and body maintenance, those makeup 💄 tricks, beautiful ways of draping and securing saree ,elegant walk , sitting postures every details of being more confident in every way has been taught to us during those days.We loved our “First Aid”classes which used to be with regular laughter sessions,which was like a breather for us in between those confusing technical classes by one of my favorites but very strict teacher.

My visit to an “AEROPLANE “

And than there was a day when we visited  “Aeroplane” and I was so eagerly waiting for this day as this was the first time when I could see an Aeroplane in real. I made sure to touch the outside body of the plane just to feel it 😊Though it was parked on the ramp but as I peeped out of the window if it everything of outside seemed beautiful from inside  , and in seconds I imagined myself flying in the clouds ,but then this strong voice of our technical teacher pulled me back,than we saw the cockpit and I excitedly sat on the Captain s seat, touched the levers and recalled about all those relative and confusing systems that was explained in our Technical classes, everything was sooo good. “In hope to meet you soon” the day got over and we reached home.


Then there was a day when we met the Chief of IFS ( In flight service) .A beautiful lady in a beautifully draped Saree with blonde short hair and a perfect finish of makeup, I have never seen someone so presentable before, she spoke so well in a soothing yet powerful way that I was filled with much needed positive attitude of being a beautiful woman.

Meeting some of the most memorable personalities from the aviation world,learning and knowing a lot about the Aeroplane,  eating the lunch from the Airline catering , getting better with my Saree draping,make up skills and hairdo with every passing day , knowing all about CPR, Child birth bagged us a certificate in first aid training, VLCC Certificate and passing the Technical exam . All this made us officially trained and BCAS ( Bureau of Civil Aviation and Security approved Cabin crew, and now getting the wings in In an official “Wing ceremony “ was all we wanted!!

We got our wings in a big ceremony which was held in a decorated hall. The event also got covered by the Media, being associated with a Government organization has its own perks and charm All 26 of us looked beautiful in our red and blue colored Uniform Saree which we wore for the first time.In a perfect makeup and the best smile we cherished when our name was called and a beautiful golden color “Wing”and a name plate sparkled on our chest and we were applauded, we posed in front of the media too which is giving me goosebumps even today . We were now the “Ambassadors of our Aviation Company !!

I reached home ( Aunts Place) after a small celebration of our success with “My Friends” and my family was waiting for me and my story of the day with all excitement!!


So being an Airhostess is not only about makeup it’s about all the other aspects of which you can’t even think of!!

I will Be narrating the stories of my first flight and all the various good / bad experiences which has made me what I’m today “A BETTER AND A BEAUTIFUL PERSON”!

So All of you stay tuned as the journey of the clouds has just begun!! And the first flight is soon to take off✈️





  1. I do not know whether. You recognize me or not but I feel that your diary will inspire the young generation
    Bibhuti phufa (Sushma bua)


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