The day I learned Applying Eyeliner is an “ART”

September 28th ,2018,Los Angeles

Until graduation, I have never been excited about makeup. We were three sisters and Mom was the best friend, but we rarely discussed “makeup” among ourselves. The only thing which I was very particular about was “my hair” , I hated messy hair so I used to comb my hair quite often. The love of combing hair and looking tidy was to the extent of being scolded once everyday by Papa. Other than that we used to try all our “makeup knowledge and skills” on each other on any festival like Diwali or marriage ceremonies. It used to start with a good face wash, then a good blend of any shade of Makeup foundation, then mom-made Kajal and finally a good shade lipstick matching with the outfit and a nice hairdo with complimenting jewelry, and done ✅ ready for the party, but then this practice was just once or twice a year.

So with all these makeup skills and experience 😁, The very first day, when I reached my training room, I could easily feel the lack of my knowledge and skills in this world of “Artificially glorified beauty, where everyone was so concerned about the way they look, I could feel the restlessness of the small mirror which was in each make up bag”, everyone wanted some assurance from the mirror which I guessed the poor mirror was unable to give.

As far as I was concerned “I looked the BEST” my Mom said, and I trusted her completely. Though when I quietly sneaked into the ladies washroom and checked my make up , I decided to give my makeup skills some time and I returned back to my seat.

Amidst of all these  hula hoop moments,  where I could only manage to give my best smile to my fellow mates , few girls on the right side of me beamed so positive with confidence, they were pretty loud and excited as if they have been here before. I also overheard them addressing each other as “Hey Babe” and Night Out, Such a hunk (all these words were said with a perfect modulation of voice) also heard them discussing about new Disc (disco) at South Ex in Delhi. These words were not new to me and I also have murmured sometimes, just that those were not loud enough to be heard by anyone😁.

Though many things around me, during those initial days were NEW, DIFFERENT and BOLD BUT “I never ever doubted my Existence there”, or never felt lacked behind or discouraged by my small town girl upbringing, As it was all my DESTINY that has brought me here and my “MORAL VALUES” (that will keep me deep rooted and are strong enough to never let me down, I always held my head high for all those years of flying. 

Morning trials for getting a perfect eyeliner

Most of the girls were from Bengal with beautiful eyes and they used to enhance those god gifts with beautifully arched eyeliner. Totally inspired by those beautiful eyes, I used to struggle everyday while in a rush to get ready on time with a cotton ball and a makeup remover, just to get one fine arch over my eyes, but never succeeded for the first nearly 15 days.


If somehow I managed to keep my hands not shaky while applying the liner , and completed the arch till end without stopping, But then also, in a hurry to praise my perfect stroke and not giving that fine poor line enough time of drying up, I always ended up getting a perfect impression of it over my eyelid👁😬. Everyday was the same struggle and mess, somehow being able to fix my makeup, was an everyday challenge for me.



There were few other things which I was also getting my hands and feet on, like the perfect walking style with chest out and tummy tuck in, in those high heels 👠 (which I never thought is a good idea), but as per our trainers a perfect makeup, a right and confident walk, a positive attitude with an inner smile 😊 and a believe in yourself gives you an opportunity “FOR A PERFECT RIGHT ANGELED TAKEOFF AND A CLEAN AND SMOOTH LANDINGS EVERYTIME”.

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All credit for my perfect arched eyeliner goes to VLCC, now I too can flaunt my beautiful eyes😁!!Today I have mastered this “Art” even more and keep on trying different thick and thin lines on me.

A thought and a request! 

Our beautiful eyes looks the best when they feel the pain and sorrow of others, when they praise the beauty and good heart ❤️ of others and when they speak all those words which has the power of motivation and healing for all those who need it!! So all of you reading my post here use your eyes at its best possible way, it will look beautiful with or without an 👁 EYELINER 👁 

As those 2 months of training time passed, I made sure to have all these gears on me along with a sparkling wing and my name plate “G.VERMA” for my first flight.




  1. Your eyes were definitely beautiful..not only because you learnt the ART of applying a perfect eyeliner but because you had an inner eye which could see much more.

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  2. Wow…. you wrote a blog on eye liner… actually it’s a challenge initially f any girl.

    Loved it totally. Keep it up. All the best Garima.

    Liked by 1 person

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