And…the flight took off without “Me”!!

WORK is just like life: you encounter different types of personalities, dispositions and temperaments. But it also , is different because you can’t simply walk away and disengage when someone with a different personality or values crosses your path, so learning the skills to cope with different personality and situation can give you a peace of mind when challenging situation ( like mine) arrises. As said “You can choose your Friends but not your Colleagues”.

And the credit of my “THIS” This is what happened when I kept hitting snooze button,for an early morning flight !!situation was totally my  transaction , so even if I feel like blaming someone else for this…..I can not. Basically , nothing was calming me at this time. I was missing my family , but decided not to call them until I fix this, and they anyways wont call ! As for them I am in Port Blair!!

Onboard work of a cabin crew demands high level of Coordination, Confidence and  Trust on eachother…so keeping the relationship friendly, understanding and also Professional is the key to it. I was just 3/4 months old here and still in the process of learning this art with the diversity of the workforce. From hardworking beauties of North East to bold and beautiful girls of Metropolis… from accommodation hunting, settling down and taking care of  the fridge and kitchen s need everyday , to having own house 🏡 with caring family at Park Street or Salt Lake. The”Need”, The”Passion” and the “Motivation” for the job was clearly  seen and easily understood on each one of us . We were the junior most batch…and the analysis was ON. From the Transport Department to the Flight Deck every one was busy preparing our Report Card, and this was one of the most important criteria of the job “Punctuality and Responsbility” which I just overslept. So was a little tensed.



On my way I got busy checking the weekly roster with the details of Flight and Cabin crew operating  today. Actually,  I was mentally preparing myself to face colleague from the main office till the Managers cabin. Reached the down. I was wearing a pink kurta with white churidars ( symbolizes calm and peace), and my brown hair was shining and swinging with breeze a little too much covering the brown glares as if the sun was trying to say…. I missed you in the cloud today. Ignoring that,  rushed to the elevator which was about to close…guessing its empty, I stopped and entered to see one of my senior collegues there with a long artistic bindi on her forehead which was a 15 mins artwork for me. Well, she was known for her own makeup style and she never followed the company  make up regulations happily.

“How can some one be so thin that they manage to disappear in the corners of elevator..hiding behind the doors of it” I said to myself!!

I would have willingly climbed up the stairs…to avoid her. Anyways , good for me she was on her phone so I pretended a silent “Hello” and started scrolling my phone too. And then to my extreme surprise..she looked up and said…

Why these people report sick ? I was on home standby duty and got P/O for this flight..

I gave a concerning sad look…but was quiet,

and then the googly….

Senior: Your skin is Glowing….tell me the secret….I was dumbstruck… what???

so she knows it !!

Me: I overslept..

and the elevator door opened.

She got out like a trapped breeze which just choked me.

Taking that as a compliment I gathered myself.

To my surprise the office was normal and busy. The dispatchers were busy with two scheduled departures back to back, Transport was busy.. and the couch in the crew rest room was actually resting. I sneaked in to the corridor where Mrs. Sanyal (my manager) was waiting for me with a genuine smile. After narrating my story to her..I said this will never ever happen again , she asked me to write an Apology Letter and that’s it….Im free…yayyyyy!!!!

I was alleviated…!

and then the same question which just popped in your mind too!!

I too got curious to know about my morning flight CD 7727.

What happened to it..those 119 pax..( what was the announcement made for the delay)…was it cancelled?

And was happy to know that the flight didn’t got cancelled and so I am safe. It took off right on time at 5:40 am as the crew somehow managed it and decided to go with three crew…Oopss !! I said!! If somehow it would have got cancelled than the story would have been very different. It must be extremely tiring for all of them.( I thought)…As this is a full service sector..from welcome sweets and cotton, veg/ non veg hot meals to tea / coffee along with the numerous call buttons with all type of requests from ” calling for vomiting  bag”to ” will you please click our photo”….to “can I have some more sweets” to “my daughter wants to be like you”…. from sharing their first flight excitement to the teary eyes.. all requests, happiness, and moments “WE CABIN CREW” live them all..and this is the beauty of this job…which I love.

I dropped a sorry and a thank you msg for all those 3 crew of my missed flight !! They must be sleeping now .

I was  again doing 7727, tomorrow morning. I confirmed. And now, the celebration time. I stopped by and took three chicken sandwich and three fish rolls. I was super hungry. Munching the sandwich, to my way home I called and narrated the happenings to mom dad… and you know what my mom said..😁

Mom to me: Arre!! Its ok…. “Neend hi to hai, ab isme kisi ki kya galti!! alarm hi nahi baja hoga..😬.”( what can someone do if they are in deep sleep.. the alarm must not have beeped , not your fault at all😀) ..Do let me know the next time when you have an early morning, i will wake you up..You relax…


After a small party among three of us.. we slept. Though , I was a little conscious  before hitting the bed but since it was a heavy day so I was soon fast asleep. As you sleep, your mind stops thinking and all worries fades away in deep sleep… the alarm beeped on time , my mom called ,the car 4:10am … and what do you think…???

Was I there?? and…

Here you gooo.!! Yes!! I was there.. full ready glowing …in my green saree with green eyeshadow and new “Maybelline s Coral” shade. All set to see the new sunrise…which leads to fresh start… Every time

What I learned from this unforgettable experience… Except the fault, and face it..

See you soon in my next page…with an inspirational, or sensational story of myskydiaries

Please do share your stories, your inspiration, your fresh start here with us! It will be exciting to read those!!






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