A run for Samosa….

A run for Samosa…what? why?….who runs for samosa? Well, most of us run for good health…But, I ran for samosa..

No!!!… I am not in love with these neatly folded, tightly packed savory goodness…deeply fried in oil…and served with tangy tamarind and coriander mint chutney…which most of us love and get tempted for , called “SAMOSA”… But, today… I ran for it…because I loved being selfish…I loved doing…what I wanted to do at that point of time. And, It was ok…to forget for few moments that…I am a mom...

How about kids dinner (as both my kids doesn’t like this Indian fried potato dumplings) it’s 8:45 pm, is it okay to have heavy fried snack at this time?

Its shop closing time…husband has just got back home…and most important tomorrow is a Monday……But, I was okay….I loved being uncompromising , thinking about anything than myself and I felt being a kid again.

This short story of mine started with headache and concluded with a happy smile.

So, it was a lazy Sunday evening, weather was pleasant. My elder one went for bowling and hubby with little one went to pick him up. I was suppose to accompany them but for headache I preferred being home. At around 8 pm, I felt like taking a ramble outside. Kids and husband were about to reach, so I sat and started browsing social media.

At 8:10 pm – A friend posted her pic digging into Aloo Bonda/ Batata vada (a popular Indian snacks). My mouth got filled with delicious taste of Samosa right away, and felt myself surrounded in that tempting smell. There Indian eatery of the pic who makes decent samosa was not very far. I looked at the time, and dropped the idea which just started taking shape.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-01 at 1.45.17 AM
The tempting pic of aloo bonda which made me run!!

8:20 pm – Started walking again, though mind wandered around the pic. I tried my best to ignore my heart and take my mind to the fridge which already had rice, a curry and some dessert.

8:25 pm: Kids came back, I forgot about my craving, and started walking to the elevator.

8:27: Me to hubby- I wanted to eat samosa…few minutes back.

          Him: Ok…!! Why few minutes back? Let”s go!!

          Me: The shop must have been closed or may not be left with samosa :-((

          Him: Let me call….Alas!! No more samosa was the reply. Another shop “engaged tone”. I got upset…

           Me: Some other day… Its okay!!

           Him:  ” Let”s make it at home.” Put the potatoes to boil, he said looking at my sad face.

I tried my luck once again by dialing to the shop, and the phone was picked.

Shop owner: Hello

Me: Bhaiya… Are you left with any samosa? Please pack 5 for me( without waiting for his


Shop: Mam, we will be closing in another 10 mins , can you come by than?

Me: Oooo… Yes.. Will be there.. Please don’t close the shop!😜

Hubby, elder son, and myself..a quick glance on each other was enough for a quick run…to the car.The youngest one failed to understand the situation. and surrendered to it. No question asked… 😂

It was 8:42 pm already…GPS said fourteen minutes….I announced..Its okay if we do not get it..drive safe.

Thankfully all the greens welcomed us at signal, and single yellow which smartly changed into red was ignored…shamelessly and safely.

And we reached….at 8:51 pm.. I literally jumped out from car..and realized I am not carrying my wallet.

Knocked on the window to ask….for his wallet, he..looked at me ..Oooppsss….lemme check. Thankfully, he had it.

Shop was being cleaned..and half of the lights were turned off…my parcel was patiently waiting for me at the counter.

Shop owner: Madam, you ordered for 5 but I gave 8…as that much was left..

Me: Thank you ,cant tell you how happy I am….Please take the money for that as well..

Shop owner: No, its okay madam…We took some jalebi ( a sweet)…as “itni mehnat karne ke baad mitha to banta hai.😊

Kids were happy with their favorite sweet, Hubby was happy for me, and I was happy about…. everything!!!

We sat in the car, looked at each other and laughed….what was that….from 8:10 to 8:50….40 minutes of what not….                                      Samosa

Anything else Madam:  He asked …

Let’s go Home..and enjoy this…my eyes sparkled looking at the parcel.

This incident of yesterday is tiny but it was fulfilling and inspiring. We, parents…especially mom’s keep on prioritizing our family, our kids , our spouse , their choices, hobbies, habits and perspective over us. We make a believe “that” is more important. But, did someone prepared that manual on mom’s life !!!??


We have categorized “The do’s & The don’t s of our life. I am not saying that taking care of your family, working hard for them, being a chef, a chauffeur, a nurse, a counselor, a friend, a laundry person, a cleaner , a good wife, a daughter in law, a sister in law is wrong…


It does not mean being self -absorbed or narcissistic or disregarding others. Rather it means welcoming yourself as the most honored guest in your own heart, one who is worthy of respect…a lovable companion of yourself.

It is okay to make yourself a priority…at least sometimes.  Believe me the warm hug of your kids and husband will feel more warm and the smile will be a little more broaden. Your reflection will start multiplying in their eyes…so take out your wish list and make a run…

        ….to a samosa or to your unfulfilled wish. It is worth a run.


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