Funny encounters on a Plane..Episode # 1

Hello All!!

Hope everyone is having good time this summer with your beautiful family and kids. Some of you must be enjoying summer break in your home country with family and friends. Some must be exploring new exciting places. My social media, and Instagram account are loaded with lovely and exciting pics from various places. And I keep on adoring them.

This summer we too had plans to  visit India, but somehow didn’t happened . So, I thought of devoting some time to my blog with at least three post a week…. but as you see “it is easier to say or think than done“.

The frequency is not even a post per week. Now, please don’t get me wrong….I am not being irresponsible to my diary or to my readers. Just that,  not being able to squeeze the time out from being a mom, kids activities,story time, pool time, new activities, games or fun. All this never ending fun makes me super tired to sit with my laptop….at night after they sleep.

So, friends before my munchkin gets up from his nap and starts jumping or rather sharing his ideas here. Let me start with my day’s story. And, before that..these stories which I share are all true…the feelings, the emotions are absolute raw and original, no mixing or stirring has been done  :-))) . Some are felt by me, some I felt like mine and some I heard or discussed to feel with the one who actually felt it. Just that the characters identity is changed  ;-)) . For this post, I wanted to share a beautiful love story formed in the clouds. While I started shaping the story, I suddenly recalled one of the very funny incident which occurred during that time. My son fell off from couch and husband bursted into laughter while I narrated it to them. So, before the romantic love story let me shower some giggles here too….So sit back relax and enjoy the flight.

So here you go…

I was on my way to airport for the first flight of the day ” Port Blair” (the beautiful Andaman and Nicobar Islands). As much as I loved the scenic landing view of that place, I hated getting up or rather sleeping early for this flight. Hope you all remember what happened that day….This is what happened when I kept hitting snooze button,for an early morning flight !! ( please read if you havn’t). 

After the pre-flight formalities we reached the aircraft and started the emergency checks. The cabin head got busy with her catering and duty checklists. The Airplanes, which fly over water are regulated differently for possibilities of water ditching. An “over-water” equipped aircraft will have life vests for each passenger and crew member. Some (or all) of the door slides will detach from the aircraft to serve as life rafts. Likewise, there may be additional rafts in ceiling compartments to deploy as well. Even, the safety announcements are specific to the aircraft and to the route. If you listen carefully, you’ll realize that they are all different, depending on which aircraft you’re flying. If it is not over-water equipped, you won’t hear the announcement.

This morning flight CCU-IXZ sector was full with various categories of passengers. From romantic honeymoon couple to happy excited family with kids. From executives to a CEO with his delegates. Passengers were seated and somehow all the extra luggage, from the over sized bag to the coat, every item were secured except one family of four with two kids were still trying to settle down.  We were busy with SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure), Life Jacket safety demo performed;Ground power removed;Ground Personnel deplaned; Door Closed and Push Back started.

In order to maintain scheduled departure of every flight on a day, the “first flight” should take off on time…and we were on time. Passengers were settling down; you know how the morning flights are; people feel confused weather they should complete the deprived sleep or to enjoy the morning sun. After stowing the demo equipment, I went to secure the cabin. The aft cabin was almost secured. The cabin in-charge was waiting for my thumbs up sign to give the cabin clearance to the cockpit for the take off.

pic courtesy shutterstock
crew performing life jackets demo  

I moved further aft and when, I reached the 9th row….it looked more yellow than before….WHAT!!!

OMG! this shiny yellow is not any ordinary yellow… this is “Life Jacket”. And that curious family of four, whom I guessed to be settled by now, after their fifth continuous call button for more cotton, more candies and more water bottle, pillow and the last blanket are now donned in life jacket. They showed me their thumbs up, and a bright relaxed smile and an assurance to be safe. My shaky voice and a big lump in throat could just say….EXCUSE ME !!! Right in front of me one more life jacket on 6 yrs old was also blown and inflated. I ran to the front, and the cockpit was informed ” Cabin not secured was given to the cockpit”. The commander informed the ATC of the incident occurred in the cabin.ground-crew-signal-vest

Thankfully the aircraft was still to reach the runway for take off. Now, it started taxing back to the tarmac.  Commander made the announcements and aircraft came to a halt. The fellow passengers got really upset and started turning their heads to have a look on them. They must have felt a culprit by the nasty looks. None of us, even the family wearing the life jackets ….wanted the flight to be delayed. But, as per the aviation rule aircraft can not fly with already inflated life jackets. I opened the aircraft door and the ladder was attached. The annoyed commercial and security personnel entered like a turbulent wind, and started questioning the innocent family. They actually didn’t know the consequences of what they did. The other set of life jackets was bought and secured under the seat and they were firmly warned not to touch them. Everyone was glaring at them for the unnecessary delay. The family was really sorry for the mistake they never thought is one.

All got set in less than 30 mins. The cabin was secured and we sat back at jump seat for the take off. The first row passengers were requested to exchange their seats with that family, as we wanted them to be in front of us for the rest of the flight. Btw , they were happy to get extra leg space of the row. The airplane just left the ground and the curious active hands went up ignoring the gravitational pull to press the call button. As, my eyes caught his action midway, he stopped and signaled me a big “NO”(assuring me that he not gonna do any goof ups again) with that fingers. Both of us could not control the laughter. Behind that laughter, my main concern was the oxygen panel which was resting peacefully beside the pax call button right above his head. As we, didn’t wanted the next surprise as in hanging oxygen mask from the panel. We, kept the family busy with juice and meals throughout  ;-))

What do you think happened in flight next?

Nothing !!!

LOL…….the flight was smooth and of course the oxygen mask and rest of the things were saved. He bid bye at last and said ” See you soon…..”.

His parents apologized again while going. We smiled and got busy again to welcome the new set of people from IXZ – CCU.

Hope, you didn’t fell off from your couch. See you in my next page till then live life, be safe, be healthy and keep laughing…..

Happy Landings!!



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