Funny encounters in Airplane…episode#2

Day# 2

Without any much delay, let’s tickle the funny bone again. This happened during initial days of my career…which, I recalled last night while I was putting my little one to sleep. Thankfully , I didn’t dream of it.

So, this was a Boeing 737-200 flight, the aircraft which doesn’t exist anymore. In our airline, those days for a 2 hours flight we used to have full service. Starting from candies, cotton, welcome drink to main meal and then hot beverages. In short, no time for us to sit. The cycle of service and collection which use to start right after take off continued until descend. We were used to run back and froth. Passing through zig zag from the clusters of people gathered round the lavatory after the service.

I was sharing galley and cabin with a beautiful happy soul, whom I had never seen being annoyed or never heard complaining. The one, I admired for her ease in handling problems…and the magic of forgiveness. A gem with a genuine smile which use to make her more bright and beautiful. Her silky shoulder length light brown hair added the sparkles. But, toady she somehow managed to she tie silky lustrous in a bun with a big fake bun, which swung loose on her shoulder.

So, it was a full flight and we were about to start our meal service. The trays were stacked in the trolleys and we had to put the hot veg/ non veg casseroles on it. The meal tray had a bun – butter, green salad, dessert, a beverage cup , water bottle and cutlery set. Now, you will be thinking  why am I drawing the food tray map here? LOL… Because the magic of this post is in the food tray ;-))food tray with a bun!

During trolley service crew faces each other serving diagonal rows at a time. Trays out, stacking veg / non veg casseroles on it and handing over was the sequence. We got to be fast to serve all 119.  We were near the 8th row, and her hair looked loosen.

I whispered… What happened to your hair?

She: I don’t know, it feels loose, mid of service, can’t touch. she said.

Less time so we continued the service.

The pax call button is rare at this time…5th row pax button got on..She turned, smiled and said to the aisle passenger, whose head was almost 180 degree turned.. Will be right back Sir!

The gentleman: Mam, I have two buns in my tray, and one of them a little over baked.

Okk!! Keep it with you, will get back Sir!!

Me: Amused! What happened, how come a baked his tray. I thought…but continued the service.

We completed and started pulling back the trolley to the galley.

She stopped midway to this gentleman, bend down took the baked bun from his tray… which was her “HAIR BUN”..smiled and said.. in a husky voice… Thank you, and I am so sorry didn’t realized when it fell off.

Gentleman: Gazing into her deep eyes….It’s ok , it slipped from your beautiful hair when you turned your neck with a little jerk. It landed right beside my bread bun. But, it is fine, happens.

She: Perfect!! Thank you!!pic courtesy :ceres hair bun

I felt like fainting then and there… listening to there conversation and exchange of glance.

How can she be fine and talking with him..This is so embarrassing :-(( I said myself !

We reached back, secured the galley. She drew the curtain to adjust her hair in the bun again. I felt like requesting her to let the hair loose, and do not put the hair bun back again. Before I could ask or tell anything, she went to wash her hands and started making coffee. Few people get that whipped coffee by crew in flight. The descend was about to begin. The coffee was ready. She gave me one and took other in the cabin…

He deserves my special coffee, for such an understanding gesture and awesome hair bun catch…She winked to me and went ahead.

I smiled….and put a sandwich for her in the oven.

And you deserve a chicken sandwich….not a bun today…Enough of buns… for a day. I said!! as she came back.

We laughed…and the seat belt sign got on.

I went to secure the cabin. The hero of the day ( the gentleman )…looked more happy now. Must be thankful to the hair bun for the coffee.

We landed…for the next take off!!

Hope you liked reading this page, please like and let us know your funny moments.

Till we meet next.. Enjoy life, be healthy and happy!!
















  1. Marvelous narration of events. Thank you Garima beti. For a few moments it took me to the sky. Hope to go through your writing in future.


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