My dreams are my responsibility!

Love yourself for who you are, and believe me if you are happy from within, you are the most beautiful person..Look at that smile which just lit your face… Yes! This is your biggest asset.

I truly believe that “Life is the most beautiful gift god and our parents have given us”.. and its our responsibility to cherish and preserve it. Living your life, to the fullest is the best gift you can give to your parent and yourself.  It is not that life has not given me challenges, I have not walked on the dead grass. I did. I too had gone through sleepless night, got up with swollen eyes and wet pillows, tough people, bad choices, worst days were always there which made me feel that “Grass is greener on the other side”…. but the best thing which I never stopped doing…You know what was that?

“I never stopped watering my own grass”…. As, I understood that the grass is greener where you water it. 

Today I will be sharing with you the story of two people whom I got acquainted during my flying days.

Hope, you will be happy and inspired to see the passion, the dedication which inspired them to believe in themselves and to achieve it.

Let me introduce you with,

The one who use to lift heavy bags!!

The flight to Dimapur, (the largest city in Nagaland), from Kolkata was once a week,  and I use to get that sector twice or thrice a month with ATR 42-320, the smaller aircraft. There are two cargo holds, AFT CARGO HOLD ( behind the galley area) and FWD CARGO HOLD (near the cockpit) in this aircraft, and the loading use to be manual. There was one loading crew among others who use to lift the heaviest bags, and others use to see him doing loading unloading, every time. None of them use to even touch any single bag than him.  I use to get annoyed seeing this. He was short, dark and in his early 20’s. His grin use to be more bright with heavier bags, I wondered why is only he responsible for this tiring job?

After seeing this for few weeks, I asked one of the senior ground staff.

Me: Why, no one than this man do the loading? They all can take turns with the bags, how much will he do alone. Its a team work, I asked him.

Ground Staff: Madam, He doesn’t let anyone touch bags.

I went to the cabin, in disbelief, and he continued his ups and down with heavy loads.

This continued…and no help from anyone. And the disturbing fact for me, was to witness his happiness after the job is done.

It was a summer afternoon, he ran to the cabin and hesitantly asked me for a water bottle. I gave  and finally, asked what I always wanted to know.

Why do you do the entire loading by yourself, isn’t a team work?

I like doing it,  mam! This is my workout, everyday a step toward my long lived dream. I am going “Mumbai”, in few months. The flights goes once a week from here, and I will soon be flying in that… He said and a Boeing parked next to us .

Me : What, have you got a job there?

I know, I should not have been so poky, but I so wanted to know all about his ” Mumbai dreams”. Thankfully, the boarding was yet to announce.

Oooo! So Mumbai for Bollywood ( Indian film industry), You want to become an Actor? I asked!!

Mumbai, the city of dreams in India, popularly known as “Mayanagri”. The place where all the creative minds try to put there creativity on the canvas to show the world. 

No mam!! There are many actors, and I wont be able to do good acting.  Though, I want to be one of the best “Action Director”. This dream needs lots of money and I don’t belong to that financial status. So, collecting money for my Mumbai tickets, and for my stay there from my salary and this baggage lifting helps me with my biceps exercise. No more money for “gym” . I don’t let anyone touch even a single bag.. He said with Pride. 

I was listening to him..every single word was wrapped with so much of confidence and trust.  We all know the growing number of Bollywood dreamers. And still he was not bothered about the numbers of people ahead of him…all he was concerned about..was his everyday achievement. And he was achieving a little bit of it everyday.

It was not easy for him at all, but he was working towards it. And that is the first  rule of dreaming. Don’t cheat yourself and don’t stop dreaming. 

That young loader was not lifting heavy bags, he was lifting his dreams everyday a bit higher than before.

So, its never too late to open your dream bag. Yes! the same bag which you kept safely in your closet. The closet which you open everyday but never gathered enough time to open that  bag. And believe me the key for it, has not lost anywhere. It still lies at the same place where you kept it long back… and sound.

The responsibilities are many…I agree. We have a family, a job, kids and what not…but your dreams are also your responsibility. And you can not ignore it. So, what are you waiting for… Go ahead and remember the five rules of a happy life.

Never stop dreamingnever stop believing, never give up, never stop trying and never stop learning ……

Your dreams is waiting for you!! Open that closet, the dream bag and start flying.

And what happened to that young action director….???

After an year or so…. he took the flight to “Mumbai”. I don’t know what happened after that.. But, I am sure… he must have given his best.  And that is the one of the most important thing we  need to do..

liofe is beautiful


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