What happened…in Taj, Hyderabad?

tajHello Everyone!

It has been quite sometime, since I shared my sky diary “original stories” with you..

NO!! Do not get confused here, whatever I share in my page here is very much original.

I am talking about the idea which inspired me to share the pages of “My sky diary” with all of you here. Those amazing stories, happy and exciting days, even not so good days of my life as an Air hostess/ Cabin crew. My love for talking, my love for telling stories, my love for going through the same excitement…the same emotions yet again, has given more than 25 pages to my sky diary today. :-)) . Thank you everyone for inspiring me always.

AND most importantly… I love capturing the expressions on your face during my narration. And, yes you are right. I can absolutely see or feel your smiles, as you read me. So, be aware while you read ;- )). Meanwhile ,sit back and relax..as the landing gears have been tucked inside….we are about to take off!!

So, It had been a month, since I joined flying, and hadn’t been on  a lay over still. From our base Kolkata  we had good layovers, to Delhi, Mumbai, Guwahati, Hyderabad. As heard from our seniors and discussed among ourselves, we concluded that among all Hyderabad layover is most relaxing and comfortable. The stay of two nights, at Taj Banjara with its excellent service is quite luxurious. The spa is top rated and we use to egt ample time for that too. These are  the best perk of this job.

Since, the time our roster in charge, had started giving the weekly roster, the life has become easy. Now, we can plan ahead. This week, I was roasterd for four flights, with one early morning departure. To know more about my early morning departure read This is what happened when I kept hitting snooze button,for an early morning flight !!

In evening, I got a call for a slight and surprising change in my weekly plan. I was P/O for a Hyderabad layover….. yeyeee I was sooo happy, to an extent that I forgot to ask the name of other crew members flying with me. Since we need to share rooms, so it was somewhat important to know. But, who cares…. as anyways one of the crew will be from my batch. It will be fine, I thought. I will manage. And than phone time…was ready to share this “happy me call” to mom dad . Stay at “TAJ BANJARA”, Wow!!

At night, as I started packing up my toiletries, and change and an extra cloth and a set of heels, and another pair of shoes, (if we go out for a stroll), and that pair of new jeans and that branded top ( stay in a 7 star hotel overall)….and I ended with a big pile of cloth on bed. Finally, dropped the idea to show my excitement through my obese trolley bag, removed few and closed the chain. My new pajama which I actually bought for night stay was still wet, as I wore and washed it just a day before. That was the best and softest one for that cozy bed of a star hotel, I looked at it…while laying down on my bed.

Anyways, next time…and good night..

 Though the journey from my PG to Taj was hectic, as we were the operating crew of CCU -HYD-CCU. This flight always takes off full with 122 demanding pax. The call buttons were non stop in this sector, with full service from hot towel to tea/coffee. But, this thought was not enough to keep the excitement at ease.  The morning seemed bright and happy. The first thing I did…as I got into the car, was checking the drivers roster. And yes, I had a good friend, with me. She is also known as the “reporter” of our batch at base, but I was sure to be entertained through out. In few minutes, we were in front of her house. And as always, his dad came to see her off carrying her bag. I miss this pampering, staying  far from my parents. So, now the plot of my story is ready….and you all know the basic characters of my day ;-))

Good Morning, I said as she entered.

Hey!! Hi….First time to Hyd..she asked…

YESSSS!! I excitedly replied.

You know what?? And here she go:-))

My ear got wider…and I asked, Who is the Cabin In charge?

She said a name….which I never wanted to hear… Ohh!!

She is the queen of Hyderabad flights, she goes twice/ thrice a month…she continued.

Actually, that crew is into something else…and she said with a suspicious look….

Ohh…My eyes got wider…What??

You will get to know soon… she answered. I decided to look out of the window.

We reached Airport. And…I was preparing myself to work “with” ….no precisely “for her”, as she was known for just standing in the galley. Actually she was not lazy, but unpredictable and moody. Good flight with her, means her good mood, and if she is surrounded with melancholy, than nothing can make it better than “Tambul”(betel leaf or a mouth freshener). Now, where can I get that from? , I asked myself.

Forget it….Come what may.. echoed in my ear..as I blew my breathe for the pre flight alcohol tube test. The doc smiled and we proceeded.

She looked happy to me…during the Pre flight briefing, and I was working with her in fwd galley. Captain….galley, pax, service, ground personnel and her… all of it. I told my friend while passing the security area.

 She is happy because..some one is coming to see her in Hyderabad. And I have not heard good about “him” ..He is a big business man there, she said!! before getting behind the frisking curtain at security area.

You gonna meet him…at the airport. She smiled and we got into the ramp car. She aggravated me for sure. She was working in the aft galley, and she went to aft. We proceeded with the emergency checks.

I met my senior with a smile in fwd galley.. where she was making herself tea…and instructed to do my checks well. As, she might not get time for her emergency check before boarding.

What!!! I silently said to myself”… which camouflaged into ” Of course,  I will..you have your tea mam!

I went for my checks again..as I didn’t wanted my flight to get into any trouble. The boarding was announced, she was very good with pax though, so pax greeting and baggage handling was easy. Before, the take off… I loaded oven with meals. The  chimes for pillow, Times of India, blanket, luke warm water, Puke bags….kept me running to the cabin. I was overwhelmed, but she was cool and unemphatic. I prayed for that smile on her and my face and closed the door. 

So…. what happened until we landed and door opened at Hyderabad airport?

Who came to see her, and us??

How was my stay at “Taj”?

I want to write it all in this post…but would love you all to be with me….for slightly more time.  So, wait until my next page which I am surely gonna start today.

until than keep guessing and don’t forget to share your thoughts..here in the comment section.. Would love to read…

Happy Landings!!


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