What all happened in Taj( Part 2)?

Hello….everyone.. Happy weekend!! :-))

Since, the time my last page got published, the exciting comments and queries of “what happened next” is pouring. I… so wanted to write sooner than this, but as you all know , how busy we are from Monday to Friday.  So, after office and spending time with family , I sat with my laptop. The dinner is halfway ready and kids are enjoying their Friday screen time. So, without further delay..let me begin…


The cabin lights got dimmed for take off. We, were at stations reviewing our “Shout out commands”or “Silent review” ( mandatory procedure for crew at take off). The position of crew should be feet flat on floor, hands on knees and chin tucked into their chest. This is called ” Brace position). It can be different, depending upon company and airlines regulations. The airplane was up and I was following what Mr. Ginotra taught us during training. He also instructed us to be alert, and I was…alert. Someone was humming….a song?

The crew next to me…as I turned to her the humming changed into words. I could see her glittery eye shadow and  smiling eyes in dim light too. She looked happy though. As far as I know her, she generally carry animosity. And today she was happy. I felt good for her, not for my flight, but in general. I always knew her rude and gloomy behavior was n’t just her nature but also for a rough phase in relationship, and this wasn’t the first time for her. May be this Hyderabad stay and that special someone is the reason behind the humming smile. Anyways… the seat belt sign got off. She made the after take off announcement and cabin could hear the happy voice on “PA” too. It was a long flight  and so,we were not in hurry. She said, no rush to start the service, will do it comfortably. I nodded. She asked me to brief the cockpit, generally the head of the cabin communicates with the cockpit. But, may be she wanted to complete the song she was humming, so I followed her instruction, said the code and entered cockpit.

I like flying with this commander, one of the best from our base. Somehow, the first officer seemed more happy than usual to me. May be layover effect, I guessed. The cockpit didn’t wanted to eat anything. I came out and we got busy in our cabin service.

Though my friend crew at aft kept on asking me ” is she okay? “ during our mid cabin meet… I was kind of getting annoyed now.

Yes… she is.. Will call you…if she will be tough on me!! I replied.

Everything went well..She asked me..my evening plans. Had I been to Hyderabad before? I kept my answers short and sweet.

The service was done, passengers were resting. We were having our food and she was replenishing herself. Her love for makeup was obvious by her cosmetic bag. It was more like a display counter for M.A.C, Estee lauder, and Elizabeth Arden. Most of the makeup items which is waiting in my online shopping cart, for my next salary check, was there. She was into flying for almost a decade,i thought. Airplane galley is a confined place, so we sat close. A small place, even if you don’t want to peek in someone’s bag, you cant keep your eyes off. And, frankly I was curious. The perfume that she sprayed, landed on me too. I complemented her for her choice, and she pressed the nozzle one more time.

The flight went really smooth. We were talking, she was giving me ideas how to make the best of this layover.

“There is a movie complex near to the hotel”, she said

I came out of the galley, sat to check the new movie released and showtime at my jump seat. Meantime, the first officer came out…and interrupted like a movie buff. He planned for an evening show with us…without asking, and I felt like.. What!!

Anyways, we landed and debriefing was just a formality.

Have a restful stay, everyone she said!! and moved ahead.

We quickly followed her to ask, how does the hotel thing work? As, we had no idea..

She said dispatch will tell you and moreover captains are there, and rushed.

Will call you tomorrow, was the last thing, I heard.

We looked back, and found the first officer standing ..“with his I know everything”….”Ask me”… Smile.

We pretended, not to see him and rolled our trolley to the flight dispatch.

The formalities were done, the dispatch confirmed the car is waiting outside airport. A classy car with a chauffeur opened the door, and we felt like brand ambassador of Indian Airlines. As , I was entering the car, saw a  black Mercedes parked  in front, and than I got to see the one behind my happy flight. A tall man with thick gold chains around his neck, like a South Indian movie hero. Dressed casually in a white shirt and jeans smiling at us with my crew. We were hesitant to meet, so smiled back and sat in my car. But, he being a good host, walked toward us seeking an introduction. After a quick short introduction as the youngest batch of the base, by our crew. He insisted us to come with him, for a quick glance of Hyderabad, and than he will drop us to our hotel. But, as always we were ready with the best and genuine excuse of having a full and tiring flight (this is the most common, and often worked excuse). We got into our car and bid bye to them. I took her mobile number to keep in touch.

 The weather was pleasant, felt like rolling the window down, but, my uniform and the crew next to me made me behave like a professional. I crossed my legs and switched my mobile on. After 45 mins or so we reached hotel. The chauffeur opened the door, and like a frequent visitor attitude we walked to the reception.

It was beautiful….and grand. The impressive lobby was adorned with chandeliers, and marble columns. I could not pretend not to admire the grand decor. I was in my 20s that time, and visiting hotel or a stay without family was my first ever experience. I was super excited. Today, when I look back at those days…I realize that  those feelings were so pure, so true.

And, today I am very sleepy and tired. It was a long Friday. So, with a promise to finish my story soon…signing off. Please keep reading my pages. Catch you soon…with all which is yet to be told…

Which movie we watched? and did he came with us?

What was more to discuss with my overenthusiastic friend?

Who called us to the lobby?

Next post will have it all.. Till than bye…

Please comment and share your own stories…will love to read.

Happy landings!!

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