What happened in Taj…part 3

Hello Friends!!

Hope you all are taking good care and being safe at home. Pray this situation of panic and distress passes soon. Take care is all I can say, as I am sure you all getting enough updates from Social media and Whats app groups. Just check the facts of the forwarded msgs before believing. Nothing else.

So, taking the story forward…..

The hotel was gorgeous, I thought as I entered the glass stained revolving door. A large water garden which extended from one end to other made it look beautiful. Hotel guests were enjoying their food amidst of that. Ohh… the background was perfect selfie place. Though, I controlled my “first time  emotions and expression”. We walked towards the glazing glass  elevator which looked like a space capsule. A ting sound and we reached our floor.

Key card 

Opening the door with key card is always fun. Aligning that magnetic stripe is an art for sure, I thought. The bell boy, did it for us. And as soon as he left, both of us (me and friend) swiped the card several time, and it was super fun. Though, we made  sure one of us stayed in the room (in case it doesn’t open). It was exciting, for sure.

We were tired now, and felt like having tea in pajamas.

Finally, we closed the door, and landed flat on the bed…it was a long day.

Confusing faucets

I quickly wiped my lipstick 💄, as this is one makeup, I feel heavy with. It was almost tea time and, we decided to have it down, followed by a quick stroll around the hotel. After giving our uniforms for laundry, I rushed to bathroom. For a quick feet wash, I got into the tub, my friend was almost ready. As, I was in hurry, so kept my tee on my shoulder. The bathtub was adorned by decorative yet confusing faucets.

The confusing faucets and modern gadgets makes the bathroom looks grand…May be!!

I was trying to make a choice in between one liver and two knobs.

Should I turn the knob, or lift it…??

Right or left?

I trusted my instincts , lifted and turned the knob to the right side. My instincts of right wasn’t right. I was drenched in my thoughts and now, in water, with my clothes on, completely. The water came with full force on me .

What the hell!! Oo my God!! My friend looked at me…!!

Do you have anything else to wear? She asked

I have, but just a tee…just bought one jeans, Yar! Why I took the other one out?’ , I was disappointed… Wish to have that fat trolley bag with me.:-((

Its okay, “you go and have your tea down, I will have it here”… I said to her.

That’s alright, will have dinner together,down. Will order tea here, anyways we are tired.

Soon,the ginger tea was here, we enjoyed every sip of it.

Now, was the time for a “quick”nap.

Shower+ ginger tea + a nap = A perfect rest for a planned dinner, we both checked the elaborated menu card, and the dishes to order was ready in our mind.

Perfect!!I said…and jumped on my bed. My head sank in the soft pillow, and she covered herself  in the blanket. The temperature was perfect and time was passing.

I ironed my jeans and hanged it on the chair in front of the AC fan.

The dinner invitation

The intercom buzzed, I picked.

Hello! a heavy male voice.

Hello! I said in slumberous voice…. OMG, already 8pm… I glanced at the clock in front.

Who is this? , I asked

This is me!! we met at the airport madam” , he said

This was him.. I was awake.  Why did he called us?

Are you both sleeping?, he asked

No“…I said in an articulated voice, I wanted to keep it brief and formal.

We will be there, in a while. Lets have dinner together. I am getting special”Hyderabadi Biryani”for both of you. You eat chicken?

What? I thought

Thank you so much, but we have already ordered dinner and it must be on way, I answered…., I was proud of my impromptu and quick excuse.

Come on!! Who dine in room. Come down, will have it together, he insisted.

I tried, making few more senseless excuses, that did not worked.

And finally after,my two three kicks my colleague  turned to me, and opened her eyes, I knew she had no idea whom I am talking with. Her confused face, had no excuse ideas to help me in that situation, I sighed and said okay!! to him.

I didn’t wanted to deal with it anymore,”Dinner only”.doesn’t matter … lets have it together, told myself.

Come on, get ready… Get ready for eating biryani, I told her.

Biryani!! Wow! Where you ordering biryani over phone, she asked me…rubbing her eyes…followed by….few quick questions…by her

Are we going someplace? Let me get ready! she jumped out of the bed.

I felt bad for both of us!

Yes, wear the best, we are dining down with”them” …they will be here in 10 mins, I said checking if jeans got dried.

What!! she leaned out from bathroom, with her face covered with foam.

Are you kidding me… she looked at me.

You know…what type of man is he?? Do you know we can get into trouble? You know what I heard?

It is okay…I tried making excuses. and it did not worked..nothing will happen…Will be together, Get ready…or they will come up. I teased her.

Next 15 mins we were down..in the dinning area. It looked even more colorful. Live Band too. Wao!! Nice, a perfect dine in place in an imperfect company I thought!


Hey! You guys are here!! Someone said…from behind.

GUYS!!excuse me… I turned my face to the ever smiling one and only our Co pilot!

Wao! Perfect..Did you ordered dinner? Let’s have it here, he dragged a chair and sat.

“Actually , my friends, could not come over,otherwise we had a movie date”, he explained.

I shook my head, with the meanest smile on my face..no courtesy, at all. I felt like telling him.

And just before, I could translate ,my expressions to words. They were there.

My senior looked fresh and happy, she may have gone on a shopping spree, Oh yes!! She is carrying few bags”. I told myself.

And her friend has added one more chain to his antique gold collection around his neck.

My friend winked at me, as I found her checking the bags too. ;-))

I was very hungry, so we somehow managed to shorten the introduction of Hyderabad and his business world.The food was here, one best thing about dining in a big group is you get to taste so many items. Our table resembled a thanksgiving feast without turkey.

The dishes were sumptuous and paradise biryani ( one which he got) was just too good.

I found him nice…..and…..

Yes, at the table I found “The friend”, kind and generous. I liked the way he was being respectful to everyone, he was quite chivalrous towards women. I am not a feminist, but I admire this quality in men. Overall, the so discussed dinner invitation went very well. We all had so many topics to talk with. We even had Matka Kulfi, at a famous vendor stall outside the hotel. It was a nice outing. We walked back to the hotel, and to our respective rooms. Sometimes, we think a lot…and that is when we start ruining positivity and creating negativity around us.

pic courtesy: quotediary.me

And yes! the room card worked in third swipe.

Movie day out

Forgot, to tell you, the next day was even better, we got up late, went for a movie with my friend and also enjoyed, being pampered in the spa at hotel.

We flew back to Kolkata the next day, the return flight was better and I was happy sharing galley with her, especially after I saw her making two cups of tea..No, not for the captain,  but for me. Before, I forget let me mention to you…she had lots of new makeup in her sling, which she excitedly showed me like a little girl.

One of the best lessons of life which I learned, during my job. Don’t judge a person by the experience of others. Same person and same situation, can be different with different people. It is just the way you are handling it.

   “Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are”….!!!



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