About Me

Hello!! and welcome to the pages of my “SKY DIARIES”. In these blog posts, I will be sharing with you some real life stories, incidents, some of my personal experiences when I was an AIR HOSTESS, a life which has a new chapter, a new day “EVERYDAY”,and believe me its amazing, meeting with so many different people, dealing with so many emotions, and there mood swings is not easy yet not so difficult!! I will be sharing with you the the stories of Excitement, Love , Hatred , Greed, Money , Passion ,Beauty, Attraction , Marriage proposals ,Breakups ,Promotions , Punishments and many more!! Some stories are even like a typical Bollywood movie !! But, These stories and experiences have made me the person I am and I REALLY am so happy about it, that i got to live the “Life of an Air hostess… So don’t board any other flight and keep reading!! AND NOW SOMETHING ABOUT TODAYS”ME”!! Today I am happily married for good 9 years to an amazing man, mom of two loving boys age 7 and 3!! I happily quit my flying career as I conceived my first baby and flew to LOS ANGELES, away from homeland but yet always close to my second home “THE SKY”! So sit back, relax and fasten your seat belts and close the outside world as this world of clouds has lots of untold stories some of them which are happily living on land today and some which got eloped into the clouds as the airplane landed . So WELCOME ON BOARD!!! And here we took off!!